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Overview and Class Information

Curriculum Statement for the Flitcham Primary Academy 

Curriculum Intent  

All children are unique and the curriculum intent at Flitcham Primary Academy is to provide our pupils with a knowledge-rich, vocabulary-driven, skills-based curriculum which will enable all pupils to thrive.  Alongside this, our school values of Generosity, Compassion, Courage, Forgiveness, Friendship, Respect are interwoven throughout our curriculum and are at the heart of everything we do.   

By embedding knowledge-rich learning we create and build opportunities for children to look within and outside of their own context.  We enrich their experiences through high quality vocabulary acquisition, leading children to develop a greater understanding of the world around them.  A skills-based approach to contextualising learning, through thought-provoking questions and meaningful opportunities, enables children to apply what they have been taught and ensures that children are exposed to an ambitious curriculum that challenges and provides depth and breadth to all learners. 

Our curriculum has been shaped around and is built upon a clear understanding of what makes great teaching and effective learning (educational pedagogy)  and a recognition that everyone in our school community is a learner, who can enhance and extend their understanding. That is why professional development (CPD) and reflective practice is a core component of our curriculum. 

Curriculum Implementation 

The implementation of the curriculum is underpinned by our school values. Our Curriculum blueprint gives an overview of the full curriculum. 

The implementation of the curriculum within the primary phase is founded on a firm understanding of cognitive science. Teaching and learning is predicated on Rosenshine’s Principles of Instruction, cognitive load theory and a careful-sequenced progressive structure to learning.  

Curriculum Impact  

The impact of our knowledge-rich, vocabulary-driven, skills-based curriculum can be measured through academic success in national assessments. 

The impact of our curriculum can be seen through the readiness of children to engage in their next steps. Children are equipped with the knowledge, vocabulary and skills necessary to continue on their learning journey, to be successful citizens in the world around them. 

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